• Psychology AS

    Psychology AS

    By: Mike Cardwell
    This unique resource, updated to cover the revised AQA (A) specification, will enable your students to turn their understanding of ...
  • Psychology and Sport

    Psychology and Sport

    By: Sally Gadsdon
    Part of a series of textbooks which have been written to support A levels in psychology. The books use real ...
  • Psychology


    By: Cara Flanagan
    The 'Revise AS' study guides are written by examiners and contain in-depth course coverage of the key information plus hints, ...
  • Handbook of Positive Psychology

    Handbook of Positive Psychology

    By: C. R. Snyder
    Psychology has long been enamored of the dark side of human existence, rarely exploring a more positive view of the ...
  • What is Psychology

    What is Psychology

    By: Andrew M. Colman
    This clear and lively introduction to psychology assumes no prior knowledge of the subject. Extensively revised and updated, this third ...
  • The Psychology of the Social

    The Psychology of the Social

    By: Uwe Flick
    The differences between individual and collective representations have occupied social scientists since Durkheim, and the social psychological theory of social ...
  • Introduction to Psychology

    Introduction to Psychology

    By: Lionel Nicholas
    Presents an overview of the latest information on various topics in psychology, such as cognition, motivation, learning, memory, and abnormal ...
  • The Dictionary of Psychology

    The Dictionary of Psychology

    By: Raymond J. Corsini
    With more than three times as many defined entries, biographies, illustrations, and appendices than any other dictionary of psychology ever ...
  • Advanced Psychology

    Advanced Psychology

    By: Christine Brain
    The second of two books, Advanced Psychology covers units 4 to 6 for the second year at Advanced Level. Filled with practical ...
  • Abnormal Psychology

    Abnormal Psychology

    By: Alan Carr
    This book presents a clear and in-depth account of abnormal psychology. It focuses on both clinical descriptions, using illustrative case ...
  • Psychology for Educators

    Psychology for Educators

    By: Wilma Vialle
    This book is aimed at undergraduate students in education and focuses on aspects of student thinking and learning. The emphasis ...
  • Toward a Psychology of Art

    Toward a Psychology of Art

    By: Rudolf Arnheim
    Presents an interpretation of the expression of art and the relationship between this psychology and the art form. Bibliogs.
  • The Oxford Handbook of Chinese Psychology

    The Oxford Handbook of Chinese Psychology

    By: Michael Harris Bond
    The Oxford Handbook of Chinese psychology is the first book of its kind - a comprehensive and commanding review of ...
  • Psychology for Christian Ministry

    Psychology for Christian Ministry

    By: Fraser N. Watts
    This work is a comprehensive introduction to psychology as it is relevant to those training for and working in the ...
  • A Handbook of Research Methods for Clinical and Health Psychology

    A Handbook of Research Methods for Clinical and Health Psychology

    By: Jeremy Miles
    A practical guide to carrying out research in health psychology and clinical psychology. For both undergraduate and postgraduate students, the ...
  • Angles on Criminal Psychology

    Angles on Criminal Psychology

    By: Diana Dwyer
    This clearly written text for the popular psychology application of Criminal Psychology, is accessible for students of all abilities.
  • Critical Psychology

    Critical Psychology

    By: Derek Hook
    This exciting text offers a broad and flexible introduction ot critical psychology and explores the socio-political contexts of post-apartheid South ...
  • Forensic Psychology

    Forensic Psychology

    By: Adrian J. Scott
    This introduction shows the reader how much forensic psychology informs us about every step of the criminal process. From biological, ...
  • Psychology and Law

    Psychology and Law

    By: Neil Brewer
    From the initial investigation of a crime to the sentencing of an offender, a wide range of practices within the ...
  • Sport Psychology for Coaches

    Sport Psychology for Coaches

    By: Damon Burton
    We marvel at the steely nerves, acute concentration, and flawless execution exhibited on the 18th green, at the free-throw line, ...

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