• An Anatomy of Humor

    An Anatomy of Humor

    By: Arthur Asa Berger
    Humor permeates every aspect of society and has done so for thousands of years. People experience it daily through television, ...
  • The Game of Humor

    The Game of Humor

    By: Charles R. Gruner
    Humor, wit, and laughter surround each person. From everyday quips to the carefully contrived comedy of literature, newspapers, and television ...
  • The Senses of Humor

    The Senses of Humor

    By: Daniel Wickberg
    Why do modern Americans believe in something called a sense of humor, and how did they come to that belief? ...
  • Linguistic Theories of Humor

    Linguistic Theories of Humor

    By: Salvatore Attardo
    So this English professor comes into class and starts talking about the textual organization of jokes, the taxonomy of puns, ...
  • Engaging Humor

    Engaging Humor

    By: Elliott Oring
    "Analyzed contextually and comparatively, humorous expressions emerge as forms of human communication whose implications are startling, engaging, and profound. Engaging ...
  • Good Humor  Bad Taste

    Good Humor Bad Taste

    By: Giselinde Kuipers
    This is an updated edition of Good Humor, Bad Taste: A Sociology of the Joke, published in 2006. Using a combination ...
  • Writing Humor

    Writing Humor

    By: Mary Ann Rishel
    The professor of writing analyzes short fiction, sketches, essays, and scripts to discover the secrets of humorous writing and then ...
  • Dimensions of Humor

    Dimensions of Humor

    By: Carmen Valero-Garc├ęs
    This is the first edited volume dedicated specifically to exploring humor in the academic world. It is a rich collection ...
  • Semantic Mechanisms of Humor

    Semantic Mechanisms of Humor

    By: V. Raskin
    GOAL This is the funniest book I have ever written - and the ambiguity here is deliberate. Much of this ...
  • Humor 101

    Humor 101

    By: Mitch Earleywine, PhD
    "Humor is complex, and the author, Mitch Earleywine, does an exceptional job of covering the big bases of humor from ...
  • Sweet Madness

    Sweet Madness

    By: William F. Fry
    Written for all who are interested in the mechanics of humor, Sweet Madness presents a general discussion and introduction to ...
  • License to Laugh

    License to Laugh

    By: Richard A. Shade
    Laughter stimulates creativity, reduces stress, and motivates students to perform. These are only some of the benefits that make humor ...
  • Humor and Comedy in Puppetry

    Humor and Comedy in Puppetry

    By: Dina Sherzer
    This volume is about puppetry, an expression of popular and folk culture which is extremely widespread around the world and ...
  • A Time to Laugh

    A Time to Laugh

    By: Donald Capps
    Shows the ways in which humour can be recovered for religion. This book argues that religion is diminished when it ...
  • Humor in the White House

    Humor in the White House

    By: Arthur A. Sloane
    "I heard one [presidential] candidate say that what this country needed was a president for the '90s," Ronald Reagan ...
  • Humor Works

    Humor Works

    By: John Morreall
    Increased productivity. High morale. Effective change management. Reduced workplace conflict, stress, and burnout. These aren't laughing matters -- or are ...
  • Understanding Humor in Japan

    Understanding Humor in Japan

    By: Jessica Milner Davis
    A comprehensive look at the customary differences between humor in Japan and the West, providing cultural examples and illustrative terminology ...
  • Humor


    By: Herbert M. Lefcourt
    In his earlier work the author has studied stress and the personality characteristics that protect us from its effects on ...
  • Defining New Yorker Humor

    Defining New Yorker Humor

    By: Judith Yaross Lee
    "The early history of New York is obscured in myth," observed the pseudonymous author of "The Story of Manhattankind" in ...
  • Performing Marginality

    Performing Marginality

    By: Joanne R. Gilbert
    An academic study of stand-up comedy performed by females. This will aid in the understanding of power structures in our ...

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