• Cooking


    By: Whitecap Books
    At last a no-nonsense approach to making great food, from simple scrambled eggs to perfect garlic prawns, cooking: a commonsense ...
  • Cooked


    By: Michael Pollan
    The author recounts the story of his culinary education and the roles of the four classical elements of fire, water, ...
  • Cooking the Books

    Cooking the Books

    By: Bonnie S. Calhoun
    After inheriting a bookstore, Sloane Templeton begins to recieve cyber threats and uses her Cyber Crimes Unit experience to uncover ...
  • Food and Cooking in Victorian England

    Food and Cooking in Victorian England

    By: Andrea Broomfield
    Provides a history of food and cooking in Victorian England, explaining how recipes reflected their writers' socioeconomic status, detailing the ...
  • On Food and Cooking

    On Food and Cooking

    By: Harold McGee
    Harold McGee's On Food and Cooking is a kitchen classic. Hailed by Time magazine as "a minor masterpiece" when it ...
  • The Cooking of History

    The Cooking of History

    By: Stephan Palmié
    Over a lifetime of studying Cuban Santería and other religions related to Orisha worship—a practice also found among ...
  • Cooking in Ancient Civilizations

    Cooking in Ancient Civilizations

    By: Cathy K. Kaufman
    Examines cooking as an integral part of Acient civilizations.
  • Home Cooking

    Home Cooking

    By: Laurie Colwin
    “Laurie Colwin’s food thoughts are like phone calls from a dear friend.” —The New York Times In this delightful ...
  • Gordon Ramsay s Home Cooking

    Gordon Ramsay s Home Cooking

    By: Gordon Ramsay
    GORDON RAMSAY'S HOME COOKING will give experienced as well as novice cooks the desire, confidence, and inspiration to get cooking ...
  • The Art of Cooking

    The Art of Cooking

    By: Maestro Martino of Como
    Maestro Martino of Como has been called the first celebrity chef, and his extraordinary treatise on Renaissance cookery, The Art ...
  • Cooking for Geeks

    Cooking for Geeks

    By: Jeff Potter
    Are you the innovative type, the cook who marches to a different drummer -- used to expressing your creativity instead ...
  • Joy of Cooking

    Joy of Cooking

    By: Irma S. Rombauer
    Detailed information on foods and cooking techniques accompany fundamental recipes for hors d'oeuvres, soups, salads, main dishes, side dishes, breads, ...
  • Cooking For The Family

    Cooking For The Family

    By: Jeroo Mehta
    Cooking for the Family is a superb collection of recipes by gourmet cook and award-winning cookbook author, Jeroo Mehta, giving ...
  • The I Hate to Cook Book

    The I Hate to Cook Book

    By: Peg Bracken
    "There are two kinds of people in this world: the ones who don't cook out of and have NEVER cooked ...
  • Cooking in Europe  1250 1650

    Cooking in Europe 1250 1650

    By: Ken Albala
    A sampling of authentic recipes used in Europe from 1250-1650 are presented in the same form in which they first ...
  • French Country Cooking

    French Country Cooking

    By: Mimi Thorisson
    A captivating journey to off-the-beaten-path French wine country with 100 simple yet exquisite recipes, 150 sumptuous photographs, and stories inspired by life ...
  • Japanese Soul Cooking

    Japanese Soul Cooking

    By: Tadashi Ono
    A collection of more than 100 recipes that introduces Japanese comfort food to American home cooks, exploring new ingredients, techniques, and ...
  • Joy of Cooking

    Joy of Cooking

    By: Irma von Starkloff Rombauer
    The best recipes for all the favorite types of pies are included in this comprehensive volume--all-American fruit, cream, chiffon and ...
  • Cooking  Cuisine and Class

    Cooking Cuisine and Class

    By: Jack Goody
    The preparation, serving and eating of food are common features of all human societies, and have been the focus of ...
  • College Cooking

    College Cooking

    By: Megan Carle
    You have a midterm tomorrow and a fierce growl in your stomach. Your roommate just nabbed your last cup o' ...

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