• Computers  Surveillance  and Privacy

    Computers Surveillance and Privacy

    By: David Lyon
    Computers, Surveillance, and Privacy was first published in 1996. Minnesota Archive Editions uses digital technology to make long-unavailable books once again ...
  • Understanding Computers and Cognition

    Understanding Computers and Cognition

    By: Terry Winograd
    Understanding Computers and Cognition presents an important and controversial new approach to understanding what computers do and how their functioning ...
  • Introduction to Computers

    Introduction to Computers

    By: Gary Shelly
    Get ready to learn about today’s digital world with Essential Introduction to Computers. This concise text provides a visually-engaging ...
  • What Computers Still Can t Do

    What Computers Still Can t Do

    By: Hubert L. Dreyfus
    Rev. ed. of What computers can't do, 1979.
  • Enhanced Discovering Computers   2017

    Enhanced Discovering Computers 2017

    By: Misty E. Vermaat
    Readers learn to maximize the use of mobile devices, make the most of online tools for collaboration and communications, and ...
  • Persuasive Technology

    Persuasive Technology

    By: B. J. Fogg
    An overview of the study of "captology"--the study of computers as persuasive technologies--examines the integration of behavior altering techniques ...
  • Computers as Components

    Computers as Components

    By: Marilyn Wolf
    Computers as Components: Principles of Embedded Computing System Design, Fourth Edition, continues to focus on foundational content in embedded systems ...
  • Genetic Programming

    Genetic Programming

    By: John R. Koza
    Genetic programming may be more powerful than neural networks and other machinelearning techniques, able to solve problems in a wider ...
  • Computers and Society

    Computers and Society

    By: Colin Beardon
    An integration of research into technological and social aspects of computer technology that is relevant and accessible to the individual ...
  • Computers and Typography

    Computers and Typography

    By: Rosemary Sassoon
    This collection draws attention to the most important issues for the production of good typography, and demonstrates why the lessons ...
  • The Digital Hand

    The Digital Hand

    By: James W. Cortada
    The Digital Hand, Volume 2, is a historical survey of how computers and telecommunications have been deployed in over a dozen ...
  • The Computer Boys Take Over

    The Computer Boys Take Over

    By: Nathan L. Ensmenger
    This is a book about the computer revolution of the mid-twentieth century and the people who made it possible. Unlike ...
  • Code


    By: Charles Petzold
    What do flashlights, the British invasion, black cats, and seesaws have to do with computers? In CODE, they show us ...
  • Computers  Visualization  and History

    Computers Visualization and History

    By: David J. Staley
    A photocopiable literacy activity book for Key Stage 3 students in Year 9. It seeks to cover the key objectives of the ...
  • Computers and Translation

    Computers and Translation

    By: H. L. Somers
    Designed for translators and other professional linguists, this work attempts to clarify, explain and exemplify the impact that computers have ...
  • Digital Evidence and Computer Crime

    Digital Evidence and Computer Crime

    By: Eoghan Casey
    "Digital Evidence and Computer Crime" provides the knowledge necessary to uncover and use digital evidence effectively in any kind of ...
  • Using Computers in the Law Office

    Using Computers in the Law Office

    By: Matthew S. Cornick
    Focusing on how computers can make paralegals and legal professionals more productive on the job, this updated Seventh Edition of ...
  • Computers in Fisheries Research

    Computers in Fisheries Research

    By: Bernard A. Megrey
    The first edition of this book was published by Chapman and Hall Ltd. in 1996. The first edition contained nine chapters ...
  • An Introduction to Optics in Computers

    An Introduction to Optics in Computers

    By: Henri H. Arsenault
    This volume surveys the entire field of optical computing. The emphasis is on breadth of coverage. The book is descriptive, ...
  • Physarum Machines

    Physarum Machines

    By: Andrew Adamatzky
    A Physarum machine is a programmable amorphous biological computer experimentally implemented in the vegetative state of true slime mould Physarum ...

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