Body Mind

  • Body  Mind  and Sport

    Body Mind and Sport

    By: John Douillard
    Integrates the stress-reducing techniques of mind-body medicine into a lifelong fitness program that calls for a new ideal of physical ...
  • Bodymind


    By: Ken Dychtwald
  • Body Mind Mastery

    Body Mind Mastery

    By: Dan Millman
    Drawing on his extensive experience as a coach and world champion athlete, bestselling author Dan Millman reveals a path to ...
  • Body Mind Balancing

    Body Mind Balancing

    By: Osho
    Many everyday discomforts and tensions arise from the fact that we are alienated from our bodies. With the help of ...
  • Exploring Body mind Centering

    Exploring Body mind Centering

    By: Gill Wright Miller
    "At once profound, spiritual, and witty, Master of the Three Ways is a remarkable work about human nature, the essence ...
  • Bodymind Energetics

    Bodymind Energetics

    By: Mark D. Seem
    Dr. Seem proposes an integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and psychosomatics in this model of health care that acknowledges the ...
  • Body  Mind    Sugar

    Body Mind Sugar

    By: Dr. E. M. Abrahamson
    STARTLING FACTS ABOUT “SUGAR STARVATION” As many as one out of five Americans may be suffering needlessly from a disease ...
  • Body  Mind  and Mouth

    Body Mind and Mouth

    By: Margaret Marshall
    Most people understand that they are in control of what and how they eat. Unfortunately, there can be a daily ...
  • Lightness of Body and Mind

    Lightness of Body and Mind

    By: Sarah Hays Coomer
    Forget every tactic you’ve ever tried to lose weight and feel better. Put down your weapons once and for ...
  • Demons of the Body and Mind

    Demons of the Body and Mind

    By: Ruth Bienstock Anolik
    The Gothic mode, typically preoccupied by questions of difference and otherness, consistently imagined the Other as a source of grotesque ...
  • Wisdom of the Body Moving

    Wisdom of the Body Moving

    By: Linda Hartley
    Body therapy exercises. Illus.
  • Minding the Temple of the Soul

    Minding the Temple of the Soul

    By: Tamar Frankiel
    This new spiritual approach to physical health introduces us to a spiritual tradition that affirms the body and enables us ...
  • The Body  Mind  Spirit Miscellany

    The Body Mind Spirit Miscellany

    By: Jane Alexander
    Features collected wisdom and mystical miscellany on religion, myth, the occult, and alternative health, providing instructions on such mystic activities ...
  • Secrets  Lies  Betrayals

    Secrets Lies Betrayals

    By: Maggie Scarf
    Reading Maggie Scarf’s groundbreaking new book could change your life. In Secrets, Lies, Betrayals, the bestselling author of Unfinished ...
  • Body  Mind  and Solo

    Body Mind and Solo

    By: Teresa Rodriguez
    "An inspiring guide packed with simple steps to empower your life." - Christine Comaford, NY Times Bestselling Author of Rules ...
  • The Bodymind Experience in Japanese Buddhism

    The Bodymind Experience in Japanese Buddhism

    By: David Edward Shaner
    In a pioneering study, David Shaner uses the resources of phenomenology to penetrate Buddhist philosophy in terms of Kukai and ...
  • The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Body mind Disciplines

    The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Body mind Disciplines

    By: Nancy Allison
    Introduces various programs and activities designed to awaken the links between mind, body, and spirit, including sensory therapies, subtle energy ...
  • Body  Mind  and Spirit

    Body Mind and Spirit

    By: Gary D. McKay
    This work addresses the 'whole you'. A physician, a psychologist, and a spiritually oriented clinical counsellor intertwine their experiences and ...
  • Knowledge and the Body Mind Problem

    Knowledge and the Body Mind Problem

    By: Karl Popper
    First published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
  • Embodied Prayer

    Embodied Prayer

    By: Celeste Snowber
    Our bodies have too long been in exile. We listen or pray with our hearts and minds but ignore much ...

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